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True value lies in the concrete

The good idea is a start. The bold concept is our path. The right product and service is our goal. Making knowledge, creativity and technology visual, simple and concrete – is how we get there. 

Ideas and concepts are not generated in a vacuum – they need a context. We help you find new business opportunities, discuss new products and evaluate competitors. Our techniques for generating ideas and exploring and building concepts are fast, flexible and reliable. They enable you to create and distribute value to your customers.

Design and User Experience

Innovation is not accidental
- it is designed

Design is our platform. On this platform we imagine, sketch, shape and continually improve our innovation. This innovation does not happen by chance. It does not happen overnight. It happens because we plan, design and work hard for it. And dare dream of it.

We help our clients test their business ideas through consumer validation, thus reducing the risk of innovation dramatically. Learn fast – design better. Design better – be better. We find solutions that give the user an effortless feeling when interacting with the product or service. We take into account how our brain likes to work – what comes natural, and what does not.

Software and Service development

Technology is a tool -
with it you can build worlds

Technology is a tool. It is not invisible. It is not incomprehensible. Technology is a hammer and a screw driver. We use it to build the framework for your product. And like with every other framework you can think of – we emphasize usability, flexibility and durability.

We are experienced in identifying the right tools and software for your project. More often than not we find that the simpler solutions are actually cheaper, more agile and more scalable than their expensive counterparts from market leaders. We believe that choosing Open software is better than betting on proprietary closed software over which you have little or no control.